Rethinking our Technology to Provide Higher-Quality Traffic for our Clients


The Original Agency takes on all sorts of clients from a wide range of verticals, but several large opportunities in the legal services vertical caused us to rethink our technology platform to better serve the right offers and flows to the right consumers.

Our in-house tech has been focused on providing deep insights into the profitability and quality of marketing campaigns across dozens of different online platforms. This allows our media team to run niche campaigns that locate the right users and bring them to the correct landing page experiences. With legal lead generation, we decided to build a new platform focused specifically around the marketing funnel experience, rather than the media-buying.


The Original Agency built a new technology platform called Trail to enable intelligent serving of legal offers based upon consumer data. Because the end goal is to provide quality traffic to our partners, we want to ensure users are actually receptive to the advertised offer.

Trail pre-qualifies users through a series of questions that change depending upon user registration data. Users are assigned quality scores based upon the likelihood that they've entered reliable information and are then routed to see the offer that most fits their needs. By the time the user opts in to an offer, the advertiser can be assured the user is interested.


As Trail evolves, The Original Agency is able to better-match customers to advertisers, driving up lead quality. The more data we collect, the better our system becomes. We’re currently delivering hundreds of exclusive leads to our clients through Trail and will soon be expanding the technology into other verticals.

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