Delivering high-scale, high-quality traffic on demand

At The Original Agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver traffic to partners without sacrificing quality.

The Opportunity

For years, we've prided ourselves on The Original Agency's ability to drive targeted traffic at scale without losing quality -- and sometimes on very short notice.

This opportunity began when an existing partner, Everyday Health, was in danger of missing their traffic goals for the month. They were 610,000 visitors short to their client brand "What to Expect (When You're Expecting)".

Additionally, they had traffic shortfalls for Jillian Michaels and Joy Bauer campaigns on an ongoing bases.

As we have done many times before, we sat down with our media team to determine how to deliver the requested traffic.

The Solution

Existing Sources

At any given time, The Original Agency is running media across most of the web's major sources, from Facebook to Google to Snapchat. Acquisition costs and quality varies from month to month (and sometimes even from hour to hour) depending upon competition, so we knew we needed to find the right sources to deliver users.

For the initial run, we had only two days to deliver over 600,000 targeted clicks. We examined our buying data for the month and selected sources we believed we could scale up rapidly. Our tracking paid off when we delivered 610,000 high-quality clicks in just two days.


Because we delivered in a pinch, we were entrusted with managing ongoing buying for both Jillian Michaels and Joy Bauer.

This niche buying effort targeted users with specific health and nutritional needs. Despite the niche effort, we were able to produce excellent volume, with over 35,000 delivered leads per month over the course of many months.

The Results

A Continuing Relationship

In this case, The Original Agency was called upon to provide high-volume, targeted traffic when other agencies faltered. We delivered, helping our partner Everyday Health fulfill their client obligations.

As a result, we continued our relationship with them for years, consistently providing a strong traffic flow to various properties and campaigns.


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