Industry-Leading Marketing Technology

Building our own technology allows us to drive the tech, not the other way around.

The Opportunity

There's so many services across the web these days that we often joke it's possible to build nearly any complex website simply by weaving together a web of 3rd-party services.

In the performance marketing space, you can easily rent ad tech, communication tech, customer service tech, landing page tech, form tech, lead distribution tech, and so on...

The Original Agency’s lifeblood  is our expertise in performance marketing. However, expertise is useless without the proper tools to enable its real-world application.

What differentiates us from most other marketing agencies is our focus on in-house technology. When you pay to use tools and services built by others, you are naturally conforming to other methodologies and processes. We believe strongly in our tools conforming to our unique perspective in the world of performance marketing.

The Solution

Centralized Technology Driven by Experts

If performance marketing is our lifeblood, Trail is our heart. 

Trail is a multi-purpose marketing application that allows us to track campaigns, re-market via myriad channels (think email, SMS, push notifications, and ad retargeting), distribute and route leads, intelligently serve ads to our users, and much more.

We build in-house technology with direct feedback from our media buyers to developers through a product manager, allowing far more flexibility than any 3rd-party solution is able to provide. If we come up with a new marketing technique, we can typically be up and running within a week on our platform.

These benefits flow directly to our partners, who receive consistent traffic at scale without sacrificing quality.


The Original Agency serves the needs of many clients, providing high quality leads at scale to a range of customers in diverse verticals. Because we buy so much media, many of the users we drive to our partners' properties have come through one of our ad experiences before.

By aggregating data on a single user across months or even years of activity, we can re-market to that user, including she or he in custom audience buckets accessible to advertisers. User scoring ensures only high-intent individuals see our partners' ads.


Trail is the latest in over a decade's worth of technology solutions we've built for the performance marketing industry. Each time we build a new product, we take what we've learned from our previous builds, creating more and more ambitious solutions to broaden our capabilities.

Importantly, we never stop improving our tech.

The Results

Quality Media at Scale

While this kind of internal product is invisible to advertisers, each of our partners directly benefits from our heavy investment in technology. Rarely is there an integration or technical hurdle that takes us more than a week to overcome.

More importantly, our technology allows us to provide something few other performance marketers can: performance at scale. Typically, quality begins to degrade as a campaign scales up. This can be for many reasons. Perhaps targeting becomes too broad, or maybe the agency relies on cheaper traffic sources to pad volume.

Trail enables us to intelligently scale our campaigns without sacrificing quality.

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