Using Premium Offerings to Drive Lead Generation for Health Industry Clients


A prospective client serving customers with chronic health conditions approached The Original Agency with a sizable monthly marketing budget when one of their major partners became unable to fulfill their contract due to lead quality concerns.

Bait-and-switch marketing tactics promising consumers goods that the advertiser cannot fulfill led to the decline in quality. While overpromising allows agencies to buy media cheaply, it puts an unfair burden on clients, who are stuck explaining why consumers can't receive the goods they were promised. The Original Agency's prospective client sought a partner that could provide leads at a competitive cost and quality without resorting to the deceptive marketing their previous partner had employed.

The Original Agency took on this project with the goal of creating valuable goods it could provide consumers living with diabetes. This way, when the client called its leads, they'd be speaking with consumers who were already pleased that they'd been given what they were promised.


The Original Agency surveyed via email nearly ten thousand diabetics, three-quarters of whom listed diet as their number one priority as it relates to their condition.

To that end, The Original Agency developed a cookbook for people living with diabetes. This book, "Healthy Living: 101 Recipes for Diabetics," became a central marketing hook. The 230-page cookbook contains 101 recipes prepared by nutritional experts, complete with stunning photography and full nutritional data.

Upon completing a marketing funnel powered by The Original Agency's proprietary technology, the user is smoothly transitioned to the client's system and receives a digital copy of the cookbook via email with the option to purchase a hard copy at cost.


Happy consumers led to higher conversion rates for the client. The Original Agency consistently outperformed competing advertisers in all quality benchmarks as shown by its over 1.7x average lead quality.

Over the next 24 months, The Original Agency averaged 100K+ delivered monthly leads with $1m+ monthly advertising budget.

From this initial success, The Original Agency built its own mobile application for diabetics, called diabetIQ. Our app contains hundreds of healthy recipes, a meal planner, fun health challenges, articles, and health tracking. Through diabetIQ, The Original Agency brought on several additional clients in the diabetic health space, the services of which it pitched via the native application to happy users.

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