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Our process takes you from idea to tested prototype in just two weeks.

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The Original Agency’s “Vision” sprint process will take you from idea to tested prototype in 10 days.


Knowing your product's precise purpose is the first step towards ensuring its success.


Narrowing down multiple ideas into a single solution will determine the scope of the build.


Wireframes are no substitute for a functioning example of what the final product will feel like.


Exposing real users to the prototype can dramatically alter the final product plan.

Are you asking the right questions?

The most important step of our product development process is ensuring that we surface a single, overarching goal for the project. We'll then create a list of questions our solution will aim to solve.

A question can have multiple answers.

Even the best, most tightly-worded question paired with a well-defined goal will invoke multiple solutions. We'll sketch out several solutions before deciding which to prototype. Sometimes, we even create prototypes for more than one solution!

A wireframe is not enough.

Even the best wireframe or full mockup is not enough to get a good sense of how the product will actually look and feel once built. That's why we invest the time into creating a clickable prototype -- something with which you can freely interact.

Real testing with real users.

We'll identify five individuals who represent the spectrum of your real audience. Then, we'll get them in a room and interview them as they interact with our prototype.

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