Helping Diabetics Live Happier and Healthier Lives

We built diabetIQ to provide easy access to recipes and health challenges for individuals living with diabetes.

The Opportunity

One of the main challenges for individuals living with diabetes, particularly Type 2, is finding the motivation to live healthier lives. Nutrition, medication, and exercise are key components to improving one’s health, but each of these initiatives require work.

We wanted to create an app that would help diabetics live happier and healthier lives through fun challenges tied to meal-planning and blood sugar tracking.

As it happened, The Original Agency worked with myriad advertisers in the health industry, many of whom dealt with patients suffering from various chronic health conditions.

We knew that we could provide a free and helpful app, leveraging our advertiser relationships to monetize the experience.

The Solution


Diabetics must stick to a strict eating regimen in to help regulate blood sugar levels, which can lead to dangerous health risks if they become too high or low. DiabetIQ includes a meal-planner and hundreds of recipes, each of which has complete nutritional data. When new recipes are added, nutritional information is automatically calculated based upon ingredients and serving size.


Users can log their blood sugar, meals, and exercise. Reminders and notifications help users keep track of their health goals.


Even with access to diabetIQ’s incredible toolset, we found during prototype testing that many users would abandon the app after a few days. As a result we tied the entire app experience to fun challenges, which have a user navigating through a creative map and completing tasks.

DiabetIQ is free with no plans for a paid tier of membership. Advertisers can reach users through many of the app’s sections in seamless placements, such as sponsored posts in the articles section, custom recipes, and even branded challenges. Users can also receive rewards via email for completing challenges, which can even include discounts on their health insurance plans. 

The Results

High Scale Advertising in the Health Space

The Original Agency leveraged diabetIQ to serve advertisers and users. Through diabetIQ and other channels, The Original Agency dramatically scaled its advertising efforts in the health space.

Happy consumers led to higher conversion rates for clients. The Original Agency consistently outperformed competing advertisers in all quality benchmarks as shown by its over 1.7x average lead quality.

Over the next 24 months, The Original Agency averaged 100K+ delivered monthly leads with $1m+ monthly advertising budget.


Monthly Delivered Leads


Monthly Advertising Budget


Industry Average Lead Quality

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