Performance Marketing at Incredible Scale

Improving a struggling existing business posed a new challenge.

The Opportunity

The Original Agency was brought on in 2016 to manage Tibrio, which owns several consumer-facing properties. Our goal was to drive EBITDA growth across all business lines.

Although the company generated significant revenue, profit margins were falling, and the business was stagnating.

“We eagerly took on the challenge of entering into an already-operating business. Improving an existing business was a new experience for us. If you build a business from scratch, as Ben and I have done successfully several times, you know how every piece functions. But if you’re asked to work on a business that someone else built, you have to first take it apart to understand how it can be improved.”

- Josh Ogle, former Tibrio CEO and The Original Agency Co-Founder

The Solution


The existing media operation bought ads across many of the web’s major ad networks, generating millions of dollars of monthly revenue but little profit. Josh Ogle, principal of The Original Agency and then-Tibrio CEO, led the charge in completely transforming the media operation.

For example, after completely retooling all Facebook ad campaigns, profit margin on those campaigns rose from 1-2% to 40%. Ogle also introduced new ad networks to the business, such as Snapchat and Pinterest, building fresh campaigns that drove additional profit at scale. 

The business continued to drive 100,000+ daily registrations to its properties but at a dramatically higher profit margin. 


We used our years of re-marketing expertise to enhance Tibrio’s email program, as well as introduce industry-leading SMS and push notification programs to the business.
We rebuilt the internal email marketing tool from the ground up, keeping email costs an order of magnitude lower than any 3rd-party solution while simultaneously doubling email revenue through split testing and strategic partnerships. 

Opt-in SMS messaging and push notifications brought better customer communication while simultaneously adding millions of  in extra profit to the business through strategic ad partnerships.

Get it Free

Get it Free is one of the web’s leading sites providing access to free samples, coupons, and savings to US consumers. With over 12m monthly uniques, the site lived on an aging, proprietary platform.

We completely rebuilt the site on WordPress, making it easier to use while lending stability and longevity to the property.

The Results - After 2 Years of Management

A Complete Turnaround

When The Original Agency began management of Tibrio, the company was on a downward trajectory. Profit was at an all-time low, advertiser concentration issues plagued the media-buying operation, and user experience was poor.

Over the span of two years, we dramatically improved user experience by rebuilding each of the company's properties with a focus on ease of use and customer support. We retooled the media operation with a focus on profit without sacrificing revenue. We expanded the sales team and brought on new advertisers, diversifying the advertising base with over 200 partners.

The end result was a company with millions of excess yearly profit and a stronger position in the market, leading to an over 6x increase in valuation.


Equaling Millions of Extra Profit


Increase in Company Valuation


Daily Registrations

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